Founder & Director's Notes

Tutoring Clinic is the UK’s specialist Piano-By-Ear training provider for aspiring and professional musicians. We provide private and group tuition on popular piano, gospel piano and ear training, teaching students how to play the piano by ear - a unique and proven method which allow students to be more creativity and play any song without sheet music! 

And due to the shortage of teachers in schools and colleges across the UK, we also provide tutorials on KS3 - A-Level computer science; KS3 - GCSE maths; as well as functional skills maths & ICT for NHS staff or students enrolled into vocational courses in Further Education (FE) such as health and social care, childcare, bricklaying, barbering, etc.

Aside from music and tutoring services, we provide mentoring and consulting services in the following areas: personal, academic and skills development (including effective study skills); e-learning and educational technologies; international student admission and student support services.

It is hoped that students will find our courses and tutorials both interesting and rewarding, and that at the end of each session or programme, students will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to achieve their goals.  To achieve these goals, all we ask from students is to be committed to their studies and individual learning plan in order to maximise their potentials and benefit from the faculty of experienced instructors and consultants scheduled to work with us.

I hope you will find your time with us rewarding and enjoyable.



Raphael Eichie (PhD Candidate, MSc, PGCE (QTLS), BSc (Hons.))


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