Music Theory

Music Theory

Learn the secrets of improvisation and song transcription through advanced music theory

Popular Piano-By-Ear

Popular Piano-By-Ear

Learn how to play your favourite songs by ear without sheet music...From beginner to advanced level!

Ear Training for Musicians

Ear Training for Musicians

Learn how to transcribe your favourite songs through advanced EAR TRAINING techniques and music theory.

Gospel Piano-By-Ear

Gospel Piano-By-Ear

Learn how to play gospel songs and hymns by ear without sheet music...From beginner to advanced level!

Key benefits of playing the piano

  • Piano instruction is far superior to computer instruction in dramatically enhancing children’s abstract reasoning skills necessary for learning math and science. – Neurological Research, February 1997


  • Students who received piano lessons scored 34% higher on tests indicating that music uniquely enhances higher brain functions required for mathematics, chess, science, and engineering. – University of California, Irvine Study


  • Children who have taken three years of piano instruction have significantly higher self-esteem than children who are not enrolled in piano lessons. – McGill University Study


  •  Playing the piano reduces stress and anxiety more than other creative art activities – International Journal of Music Education, 2011.

About Tutoring Clinic

Tutoring Clinic provides a variety of training classes in music for individuals and groups of all ages.  Clients can take piano lessons for leisure purposes or professional performances as a member of a local band. For example, training to become a church pianist or play the piano for a local band in a pub/hotel/restuarant, wedding ceremonies, funeral events, birthday parties, etc.


You can learn how to play the piano-by-ear without sheet music, music theory to improve your understanding about song compositions, song transcription/how to transcribe your favourite songs by ear from original recordings or develop your ear training skills in order to recognise the building blocks or elements of any song.

The benefits of playing the piano are numerous and it can enhance your abilities in other disciplines. For example, several studies suggest that there is a direct relationship between STEM subjects and piano instructions which is based on the cognitive, emotional and social benefits that students derive from engaging in these subjects including:

  • Enhance abstrast reasoning skills; raise IQ.

  • Enhance higher brain functions.

  • Increase self-esteem.

  • Sharpen cognitive abilities.

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 Discounted Offers - Block Bookings 

Deal #1: £170

1-on-1 classes

5 lessons at the rate of £33 per hour (Save £5)

Deal #2: £320

1-on-1 classes

10 lessons at the rate of £31 per hour (Save £30)

Deal #3: £450

1-on-1 classes

15 lessons at the rate of £29 per hour (Save £75)

Deal #4: £560

1-on-1 classes

20 lessons at the rate of £27 per hour (Save £140)

Upcoming Events

Masterclass: Chord Voicings & Progressions

July 10, 2020

In this masterclass, you will learn how to play and recognise various chord voicings and progressions that is used in popular songs.

Workshop: Practice Methods - "Say No To Transpose Button"

July 03, 2020

"Say No To Transpose Button": Learn the systematic practice methods of how to play or drill melodies, phrases, motives, chords/voicings, riffs, scales, chord progressions or any musical concepts on all 12 keys like a pro!

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What People Say 

"Learning to play the piano by ear for me, is a more practical and creative method of playing the piano without looking at sheet music. From the few taster course lessons I have taken, I can now understand that playing the piano by ear is like driving on the road (after first learning the highway code and memorizing other rules of the road) without looking at the DVLA highway code book when driving. So, from the structured and organised lessons I have taken so far from Raphael, I have no doubt that when I complete my taster course and part-time beginner’s piano course, that I will be able to play any song by ear without looking at sheet music, which in my view, is boring!
Learning to play piano by ear as a recording artist is training my ears to identify the different colours, shades and contours of notes and melodies and the names of different chromatic notes or sound, as well as how to sing the notes of different musical scales, for example, major and chromatic solfege syllables to improve my improvisation abilities. This is similar to when I learnt how to drive an automatic car which made it easier for me to master driving skills in a short time (compared to learning how to drive a manual car) and pass my practical test.
From my previous learning experience in the classroom, it’s vital to have the right instructor or teacher when you're learning a new skill. Hence, I can say that Raphael is phenomenal piano and ear training teacher. He is very skilled in playing and teaching students how to play piano by ear. He is also a patient, supportive and very understanding teacher.

There is no doubt that he was born to do this! Hence, I will recommend Tutoring Clinic to anyone who wants to learn or improve their hearing abilities or play piano by ear".



"Signed up for an introductory course and already enjoying it so much I’m planning on signing up for the long term more in depth course! Raphael is very passionate about piano playing, it really comes across and he’s a great teacher!"


Newcastle, Tyne and Wear

"Fantastic and patient teacher. Thank you".


Newcastle, Tyne and Wear

"I had a 6-week Level 1 popular piano_by_ear taster course at Tutoring Clinic and since then my piano skills has really improved due to structured and organised lessons.  I received a lot of support during the course and was able to learn at my own pace. Raphael (the piano lecturer) was always there to go the extra mile to help and I would certainly recomend Tutoring Clinic and their piano lessons to anyone interested in learning how to play piano by ear".


Gateshead, Tyne and Wear

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