International Student Mentorship Programme

Welcome to our international student mentorship programme!  This programme is designed to coach and equip international students with the knowledge and practical skills required to achieve success in their studies and daily encounter with people in the community. 


In this programme, you will learn how to negotiate and secure affordable accommodations in the hostel and from private landlords, find student jobs, secure accommodation, find cheap local markets to buy groceries and items to furnish your home, etc.


More so, you will learn the various themes that are crucial to the success of an international student abroad.  Hence, we have created a private Facebook group called "International Student Mentorship Group" or ISMG to enable students focus and master each aspect of the international student skill-set thoroughly. To access the group, please click on the link below:



Each theme represents a unit or topic area to study and video classes, learning resources and assignments/coursework will be added to the units every week. So, if you are interested in joining the group based on your needs, ensure you visit the group every week to follow the classes and do the assignments.

To buy a membership pass, please click on the 'Join £24.99/month' button to be redirected to our 'Special Offers' page where you can pay for a membership pass.  Once a membership pass has been purchased, you will be able to study with us on our private Facebook group; you will receive an invitation link shortly to join the group. Please note that if you do not renew your recurring monthly payment on our website, you will be prevented from gaining access to the group after your subscription expires.

We look forward to seeing you in the group!