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Operating, Booking and Cancellation Policies 

Class-packages (block-bookings)

Our class-package works exactly like a bus pass, travel card or voucher that has an expiration date calculated from the time of purchase.  It allows a learner to attend classes until the package expires. We have 5 class-package (valid for 1 month), 10 class-package (valid for 2 months), 15 class-package (valid for 3 months) and 20 class-package (valid for 4 months). The course structure is designed like the traditional university system with 3 three semesters.  So, 15 weeks of study (equivalent of 4 months) on our programme is equal to one semester followed by a 2-week break before the next semester.


The unique feature of the class-package is that each class-package contains both taught sessions and one or more formative assessment session(s) to ensure we are tracking accurately the progress a learner is making in the course via regular assessment and feedback. In addition, each class-package is designed to cover relevant milestones in our curriculum. 

The benefits of using a class-package to study with us include:

  • Students do not spend longer than necessary in a course and finish their course at the stipulated time designed by the course and instructional design team.

  • Students take their course and lessons seriously knowing fully well that if they don’t create time to attend a session and keep cancelling sessions and their class-package expires, there is no refund for the remaining number of classes in the package and any class not utilized or redeemed before the class-package expires will be forfeited.


To book a session using the class-package, a learner must adhere to the following terms and conditions otherwise, we will not be able to offer our services to the learner:

  • The class-package is valid from the date of purchase as indicated on our website.

  • The class-package is only valid for the period specified on the package at the time of purchase. After the class-packageexpires, a learner should purchase another class-package or a single session to continue his/her studies; but bear in mind that a single session is more expensive. So, it is cost-effective to buy a class-package than to buy a single session.

  • If a learner cancels a session 24 hours before the start of the session, the learner will not be charged for the session and the class will not be deducted from the number of classes in the class-package. But any class that has not been utilize before the package expires, will be forfeited and not carried forward to a new class-class package. So, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all classes in the package are utilized before the package expires.  If the package expires and the student has not attended all the sessions in the class package, the remaining class or classes in the package will be forfeited because it can’t be credited to a new class-package. So, it is highly recommended that students attend one or two classes per week depending on the number of classes in the package to ensure that all classes are utilized before the class-package expires.

  • If a learner fails to cancel a session 24 hours before the start of the session, the learner will be charged the cost of the session; this means that we will deduct the session from the remaining number of classes in the class-package.


Taster Course Vouchers (Taster Class-Package)

Private or group sessions paid for through our taster course voucher will expire after 12 weeks if not redeemed or used within the stipulated period.


Duration of Sessions

The duration of each session is one hour but tutoring will always terminate about 10-15 minutes before the end of the session to give way for questions and answers.  Students should always prepare their questions in advance which should be based on the topic covered in the session or any topic puzzling the student. If your tutor is unable to answer all your questions due to lack of time, you can send the queries to the tutor via our email address, WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.


As part of our policy to mitigate the risks of unpaid tuition fees hindering the smooth running of our business, we do not accept cheque payments. Students can make payment for lessons via:

  • Cash payment: If you live local in Newcastle Upon Tyne or Tyne and Wear, you can pop into our office during our office opening hours to make cash payment before booking a session.  Then, you can login into your account on our website or click on the 'courses' or 'special offers' menu to schedule a session.

  • Online: Our website, Paypal and online bank transfer: For online bank transfer, please make payment to Lloyds Bank, Tutoring Clinic, Sort Code: 30-93-71, Account No: 67931268 for clients within the UK or IBAN: GB14LOYD30937167931268, BIC: LOYDGB21020 for clients outside the UK). Note:  Any bank or Paypal transaction charges are to be covered by the student and will be indicated in your invoice. 

  • Telephone: you can also make payment over phone by giving us your debit or credit card details and we will process the payment over phone via our debit card machine.


Warning:  Lessons will be suspended if fees are not paid in accordance with the student’s payment plan and a surcharge of £5 per week will be applied to the student or sponsor’s account. 

Booking a session (Scheduling)

We operate a policy of payment before service. So, payment must be made in advance at the time of booking a session or slot.  We will not hold a slot or session in advance for a student without payment.

Lateness to class

Late coming to a session is unacceptable because this disrupts our schedules.  As a result, if a student arrives late to a session, the duration of the session will not be extended to accommodate the lateness.  This is a courtesy to the next student or group scheduled for the next slot and also to facilitate the smooth running of our business.  More so, if a student turns up late to a group session, the tutor will do his/her best to update the student about the status of the lesson.  However, it is the responsibility of the student to catch up with his/her peers without disrupting the class.  Hence, we advise all students to plan ahead of their session to arrive on time, at least, 5 minutes before the start of the session.


A student can cancel or reschedule a session as long as we receive a minimum of 24-hour notice before the start of the session. To cancel or reschedule a session, please telephone: 07882062836.  But if no one is available to take your call, then, send us a text message and we will get back to you as soon as possible; do not leave a voicemail.  Alternatively, you can send us an email via, chat with us on our website or send us a message via WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.  Please note that if we do not receive the minimum of 24 hours cancellation notice before the start of your session, the session fees paid will be forfeited (the fee cannot be refunded) or deducted from your class package if you have one.

Furthermore, any session missed without adequate notice given through our contact details above will not be made-up.  The cost of the missed session will be forfeited to your tutor or deducted from your class package if you have one.  More so, if you have been allocated a fixed slot per week, your weekly session timetable maybe allocated to other students available for lessons in our booking calendar if it becomes a regular practice of not attending booked sessions.

Make-up sessions

For several circumstances beyond a tutor’s control or due to unforeseen administration task or bad weather condition, we may cancel a session already booked and upon consultation with the student affected, reschedule a make-up session for the student. If this occurs, we will book the student for a make-up session based on the list of available slots for the week or upcoming week. The make-up session will be deducted from the number of classes in the student's class-package when the student attends the class. If a student fails to attend the make-up session after we have reserved a session for the student, the student will be charged the cost of the session for missing a make-up session and we will deduct the session from the student's class-package if the student has one.

Note: Please understand that we will not rearrange a make-up session if you miss your session or fail to cancel your session by giving us the minimum notice of 24 hours before the start of your session.


We start calculating the expiration date of a class-package from the date of purchase on our website. Hence, we operate a no refund policy for private sessions and group sessions unless you cancel your order 24 hours after purchase.  More so, we will not refund you if you miss your class or fail to cancel any booked sessions 24 hours before the start of the session.  To avoid this ugly situation, please think carefully before you purchase a class-package or sign up for our courses if you know you will not create time to attend your classes before the package expires.  And please remember to call our office to cancel any booked session you will not be attending and request for a make-up session as long as you have at least one or more classes left in the package to make-up the session.

Classroom ground rules

To minimise distractions during a session, all students are advised to turn off their mobile phones or put it on silent or vibration mode.  In addition, we advise students not to take calls during a session as doing so could amount to significant loss of time during the session; if this occurs please note that your tutor will not exceed the duration of your session which must terminate 10 - 15 minutes to the end of the session in order to give way for questions and answers or plenary activities and the upcoming slots in our booking calendar.  

Playing or fiddling with computer games during a session is strictly prohibited. As a result, we ask that you do not bring computer games or electronic gadgets to class.  Please note that your tutor may confiscate any item that is capable of distracting your attention until the lesson is over. 

In addition, you can invite your friends, parents or siblings to your session, but they are not allowed to talk to you during the session or interrupt the lesson. And if they become disruptive to your lesson, please note that your tutor has been instructed by management to intervene and ask them to sit quietly somewhere else or leave the classroom.

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