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Ear Training (Online)

Recognize chords, progressions, scales, patterns and riffs by ear.

  • 1 hour
  • 25 British pounds
  • Newcastle Enterprise Centres - Bkyer-i2, Albion Row

Service Description

You can study at Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level: What you will learn: ✤ Scales: How to recognise popular scales by ear including the chromatic, major and minor scales, modes, major and minor pentatonic scales ; dominant and lydian dominant scales, w-1/2 diminished and 1/2-w diminished scales, half-diminished and half-diminished #2 scales; augmented and whole-tone scales and the blues scale. ✤ Intervals: How to recognise intervals by ear including unison, m2, M2, m3, M3, P4, P5, d5/aug4, m6, M6, m7, M7 and p8. ✤ How to use an Interval Chart for transcription. ✤ How to transcribe patterns, riffs, runs/licks including drones and hammer technique. ✤ How to recognise modulation, demodulation, transposition and back-cycling techniques. ✤ How to recognise chord inversions and open and close voicings. ✤ How to identify chord progressions, chord functions and simple substitutions by ear. ✤ Transciption of block chords and voicings by ear and via using simple and advanced tools. ✤ How to transcribe songs by ear and write a song chart or lead sheet. ✤ Start Date: Learners can start this course at any time throughout the year. ✤ Course Structure: • 1st semester - 15 wks (2 wks break) • 2nd semester - 15 wks (2 wks break) • 3rd semester - 15 wks (3 wks - final project & coursework) ✤ Timetable: A learner can book one, two or three sessions per week to utilize his or her class-package before it expires. Note: You can also request a fixed session per week if it is more convenient for you. ✤ Learning Resources: The learner will be given learning resources including worksheets, handouts or videos for each session. So, a learner is not required to buy any textbooks for this course. ✤ Policy: Please read our booking, cancellation and operating policies carefully via the "Partner and Support" section at the bottom of this page before booking a class. More so, please note that full payment for a session or class-package must be made before we can reserve a slot for you. ✤ To reduce the cost of a single lesson, we have created several class-packages from 5 class-package up to 20 class-package. Please click on the "Special Offers" menu to review our special offers & discount packages. ✤ Qualification: Please note that this is not an accredited course. But, a certificate of completion from Tutoring Clinic will be awarded to the learner at the end of the course to acknowledge your achievement and hard work.

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  • Newcastle Enterprise Centres - Bkyer-i2, Albion Row, #Unit 18, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE6 1LQ