"I have just started my course with Raphael after coincidently meeting with him on a boost your business residential course a few months ago.

I have wanted to learn the piano for a while but it hasn't happened up until now for one reason or another. As soon as I met Raphael I knew that he was the right teacher and even though I have to travel from Sunderland to Byker it is still worth it as I don't think that I could find someone who is as passionate about teaching music by ear as he is.

His passion and overall vibe as a human is infectious and warming. I really can't wait for next weeks first 2 hour lesson and finally learn the instrument that has been a dream of mine for some time".

Chris, Sunderland.

"First lesson fantastic!"

Paula, Newcastle.

"We found the six week taster course very interesting, enjoyable and a surprise to us both as to how much we accomplished as a result of Raphaels enthusiastic teaching during such a short period.

We would certainly recommend this course to anyone wanting an introduction to learning piano music by ear."

Rosemary and David Buckton, Newcastle.

"I was quite apprehensive to take piano lessons since I am in my mid-20s, and felt like it was a tad late for me to even try. I signed up for a Taster course, and in my first session alone, I felt like this was a very good decision. Raphael is a brilliant teacher who takes no fuss in intricate piano/keyboard rules. He teaches easy-to-learn techniques that are also easy to remember— techniques I never thought I would relate to playing the piano/keyboard, but mind you, they work! As a singer, I had very little interest in learning notes on sheet music, because I would rather learn music by ear. With this course, I am not only learning chords and notes on sheet music, but I am able to slowly master playing the piano by ear with my favourite technique which is the Blind Man technique which Raphael taught me in my first session. I’ve got a few more sessions left for my Taster course, and I am pretty sure I am going to take a more in-depth one as soon as I finish. Kudos to Raphael for being so passionate at what he does! His enthusiasm with his craft is contagious and I believe he is changing so many lives because of that. I highly recommend Tutoring Clinic to beginners like me. Like what Raphael said in class, there is no timeline for learning."

Cheska, Newcastle.

"I started learning how to play the piano by ear several years ago but life happened and I wasn't able to go beyond the bare basics. My desire to learn, however, remained unabated. The problem was, all the piano instructors I knew about in Newcastle were of the classical style; not until I came in contact with Raphael of Tutoring Clinic. I couldn't believe my good fortune, as I am very much aware that this style of playing, although quite common place in the US and in the Gospel music community, is relatively uncharted in this part of the world. Finding someone who could impart the knowledge I had so long sought after was an added bonus. The curriculum is comprehensive and caters to different learning needs, from beginners to more advanced students, children and adults. The teaching sessions are value-packed, with handouts to facilitate private study. Raphael himself is a passionate teacher who goes above and beyond to ensure that the course content is clear, accessible and easy to understand. I have no regrets at all in enrolling on the Beginners Gospel Piano Course and I am excited about completing it and moving on to the next level."

Dr Nnenna, Newcastle.

"just completed my 6 week course and loved every minute of it.  these are fun lessons and the hour goes by so quickly. highly recommended."

Sioban, Newcastle..

"I booked onto the 6 week taster session and was quite worried I was too old to learn new skills, however after the first session I was totally reassured it was something I could do in my mid 30’s and this was mainly down to Raphael’s patience and enthusiasm. He always looked for new ways to help explain things when I appeared to be struggling and I never felt as though he was sick of repeating himself! I throughly enjoyed this 6 week course and can’t thank Raphael enough for his patience!"

Stacey, Newcastle..

"I am enjoying the time that I've been learning here. I am feeling like a true pianist now that I have come here"

Smith, Newcastle..

"I had my first taster session tonight and I absolutely loved it!! I am already planning on booking a full course with these guys! Really recommend you to give it a go! Thanks Raphael"

Kelly, Newcastle..

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